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Hampshire Oil and Grease provides speciality lubricants to the Wind Power Industry

As the authorised UK Distributor for FUCHS Lubritech products, Hampshire Oil and Grease has the expertise to solve all lubrication-based challenges faced by wind turbine manufacturers, drive component manufacturers, and wind farm operators. No matter what lubrication tasks are required for a wind turbine, Hampshire Oil and Grease can provide exactly the right FUCHS speciality lubricant.

Hampshire Oil and Grease offers a broad product portfolio of FUCHS special lubricants for all wind power applications. Many approvals from turbine, gearbox and bearing manufacturers as well as suppliers of filtering systems prove the high performance and quality of FUCHS’ lubricating products.

Whether in hot, cold, dry, or hostile saline environments – Hampshire Oil and Grease closely support their wind power station customers to ensure that no energy is unnecessarily lost. FUCHS has developed speciality lubricants for the wind energy industry, which significantly reduce equipment wear and consequently reduce crucial maintenance effort and expenditures. Hampshire Oil and Grease offer low-temperature greases for arctic conditions, high-performance greases for long-term lubrication, or efficient speciality lubricants for pitch and yaw bearings – all for ideally smooth generation of energy with no loss of energy and with optimal frictional wear protection.


Technologically advanced and process-oriented, FUCHS’ holistic lubricant solutions are a central success factor. FUCHS defend and consolidate its technological leadership in pivotal sector industries; not only a question of effectiveness and efficiency or safety and reliability but also of the sustainability of the lubricants – from production, right through to disposal. Fully endorsed by Hampshire Oil and Grease.

The worldwide network of FUCHS experts meets customer requirements on a global level by quickly and efficiently networking fields of special expertise such as the wind power generation industry. Around one in ten FUCHS employees works in R&D, with more than 600 ongoing research and development projects that aim to provide optimum answers to the diverse requirements of Hampshire Oil and Grease’s customers.


More and more wind turbine manufacturers and operators recognize the benefits of synthetic

gear oils. With the gear oils in the RENOLIN UNISYN CLP range, FUCHS has been a champion of these high-grade special oils for the strict requirements of wind energy plants from the very start. After several thousand installations worldwide and many gigawatts of generated energy FUCHS have collaborated with, Hampshire Oil and Grease, offering a great deal of lubrication understanding and expertise for challenging environments.

  • Gear Oils
  • Chain Hoist Oils
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Clutch Fluids
  • Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL)
  • Greases
  • Spill control
  • Ancillary Products

Condition lubricant monitoring sampling available

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Hampshire Oil and Grease also offer support, expertise & recommendations to meet customers’ demands; for product performance and sustainability, safety and reliability, efficiency and cost savings.

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