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Environmental acceptable lubricants

The dream of environmentally friendly lubricants is nothing new. FUCHS was one of the first companies to enter the market with rapidly bio¬degradable lubricants back in the 70s, and since then FUCHS has invested heavily in researching and further developing these lubricants.

Ecologically conscious Hampshire Oil and Grease, as authorised UK Distributors for the FUCHS PLANTO Lubricants range, can advise and supply a variety of rapidly biodegradable lubrication products for a broad spectrum of industry sectors; oils and greases for engines, gears, antifreeze plus hydraulic systems.

Transport, Construction & Municipal Vehicles

Transport, Construction & Municipal vehicles predominately operate outdoors, carrying all manner of resources on board, including fuels, engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, antifreeze, etc, which present a not-inconsiderable hazard to the environment in the event of a spillage or accident.

These dangers can be avoided by using special hydraulic oils such as PLANTOHYD and PLANTOSYN for the mobile sector.


Harvesting machines, construction machines, trucks, municipal vehicles, mowing and ditch-cleaning equipment

Agriculture and Forestry

Forests, fields and alpine green areas are highly sensitive ecosystems and their modern utilization has long had to be environmentally viable. Chainsaw lubricants are so-called loss lubricants which, even in their latest versions, enter and remain in the environment when used.

FUCHS focuses on sustainability and economic efficiency, so developed the rapidly biodegradable PLANTO TAC 68 chainsaw oil, which complies with the special requirements of the European Ecolabel.


Forestry, land management, agriculture, chainsaws, landscaping and mowing equipment


Water is the most important basic source of nutrition and is often derived from groundwater or rivers. These important reservoirs are almost exclusively polluted by watercraft; by propeller greases, chain or rope lubricants etc

The FUCHS products PLANTOSYN, PLANTOGEAR and PLANTOGEL enable this pollution to be avoided. All PLANTO products, which have been awarded the European Ecolabel, may be used in accordance with the new Vessel General Permit (USA).


Fishery, navigation of waters, sailboats, motorboats, jet skis, locks, oil platforms, dry docks and marinas

Energy industry

Renewable energies such as wind power and rapidly biodegradable lubricants share a common background: preservation of the environment and resources.

FUCHS PLANTO lubricants have proven ideally suited to wind energy plants with the most challenging lubricant requirements. The FUCHS products ECO HYD S PLUS and GEARMASTER ECO 320 were developed specially for application in wind energy plants and are approved, rapidly biodegradable gear oils.


Wind energy machinery

Mountainous regions

The most important aspect for the commercial use of rapidly biodegradable lubricants in mountainous regions is the preservation of an unspoilt and clean environment.

FUCHS offers a special range of PLANTO products that fulfil environmental protection requirements. These include the PLANTOSYN and PLANTOLUBE POLAR products, which also ensure the best possible lubrication of machinery in mountainous regions.


Piste preparation, ski lifts, snowmobiles, snow cannons

Water Management

The use of lubricants and greases in areas where they will come into direct contact with water demands a particularly high degree of protection against pollution.

Oils and greases are needed for gears, pumps, hubs and much more, as well as for drinking water treatment in sewage plants or for operating locks.

Alongside excellent performance and a high level of water resistance, the lubricants also need to be rapidly biodegradable in order to protect the environment.

FUCHS offers numerous products, including the rapidly biodegradable PLANTOGEL ECO 2 N and PLANTOGEL ECO 2 S lubricating greases, which have also been awarded the Ecolabel (EEL).


Sewage plants, water treatment, docks, locks

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