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A fully-synthetic, multi-vehicle ATF designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of European, Asian and American vehicles and specifications. ATF DIII-MV also meets the stringent JASO-1A performance standard created by Japanese Automobile Manufacturers due to the more severe requirements of their automatic transmissions.

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Millions of miles of proven real world performance
Top tier technology provides long fluid life and results in long transmission life
Excellent viscosity stability (high viscosity index) to help assure adequate lubrication without excessive thinning in severe high-temperature service or thickening at low starting temperatures
Offer outstanding fuel economy benefit when compared to conventional ATF’s.

Performance Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations

Allison C-4 (TES-228), TES 295 (Extended Drain)
Audi PN: G052 025-A2, G055 025-A2, ESSO LT 71141
Chrysler ATF +4® (MS9602), ATF +3® (MS7176), ATF +2®,
ATF +® , PN: 04467721
BMW Shell LA2634, Shell M1375.4, Texaco ETL7045,
Texaco ETL8072B, ESSO LT 71141
Citroen PN: PR 9980
Ford Mercon V® (M2C-202B, M2C 919E), Mercon®, Mercon® SP (PN: XT-6-DSP & XT-6-QSP), M2C 166H (replaced M2C 138CJ), M2C 185A, R1-48 (BTR 4-Speed Auto),
GM TASA (Type A Suffix A), Dexron II®, Dexron III-H®,
GM PN: 22689186
Honda ATF DW-1, ATF Z1 (except in CVTs)
Idemitsu K17
Isuzu Genuine
Jaguar Shell M1375.4
Land Rover Texaco N402, Shell M1375.4
Lexus Type T, T-II (PN: 08886-80105), T-III,
T-IV (PN: 08886-01705)
MAN 339F, 339V1, 339Z2
Mazda ATF M-V
Mercedes Benz MB 236.10 (Shell ATF 3403/M115), 236.11, 236.12 (Shell ATF 3353, Fuchs Titan ATF 3353), 236.14 (7 speed transmissions), 236.3, 236.5, 236.7, 236.9, PN: MB 001 989 2103 10
Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Kia Diamond SP-II & SP-III
Nissan Matic D, J, K
Saab PN: 93 165 147, Castrol Transmax J, 3309
Subaru PN: KO410Y0700
Castrol Transmatic J, Transmax J & E, Idemitsu H
Toyota Type T, T-II (PN: 08886-80105), T-III, T-IV (JWS 3309), Type WS
Voith 55.6335.3x (G607), SB013 & SB118
Volvo PN: 1161540-8, PN: 1381167
VW G 052 990 (A2), G 052 162, Esso LT71141
ZF TE-ML 03D, 04D, 09, 14A, 14B, 16L, 17C, 20B
Various (Aisin-Warner Transmissions) JWS 3309, Mobil ATF 3309

Not intended for use where Ford Type F / G or GM Dexron® VI are specified or in CVT applications.

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