The Cyclone GTG Anaerobic Digestion Lubricants has been exactly manufactured and designed for the compression of CO2 and Anaerobic Digestion Gas to Grid injection to give long term protection to your investments. Advanced modern lubricants must prove their performance under extreme conditions.

Our products are rigorously laboratory tested to offer a high degree of wear protection, low viscosity, temperature fluidity, reduced residue formation and good water separation resulting in higher efficiency and cost savings through extended oil change intervals. The true facts are that if the correct specification oil is used this will result in optimal life and maximum reliability for your equipment; the benefits being reduced maintenance costs and increased revenue for your operation. The Cyclone range of Anaerobic Digestion Lubricants will also overcome any additional requirements when used in the process of GAS found in the Anaerobic Digestion Gas to Grid injection industry.

Our products will give you the insurance that they are compatible with the processing of Gas to Grid injection with the compression and movement of CO2 and they will compensate for gas dilution and offer excellent wear and corrosion protection, whether you are operating rotary screw or reciprocating compressors. Standard on the market compressor lubricant additives and base oils will react with components of the gas leading to the formation of sludge and deposits. Premature component wear, maintenance down-time, high oil consumption and shorter oil change intervals are common costly consequences.

Cyclone GTG is available in ISO VG 100 & 150

Specially designed for the lubrication of compressors used in Gas to Grid compression derived from AD plants. The fully synthetic formulation ensures ultra-low volatility, lubrication even under high stresses, low temperature fluidity and maximised protection throughout the service life.

Rigorous laboratory testing under high temperature conditions has yielded an ultra-low sludging formulation to not only maximise filter life but to ensure all moving parts remain free from varnish with minimised oil thickening preventing premature failure.  This series is primarily intended for the compression of methane derived from digestates at elevated oil discharge temperatures.

These premium fluids with selected performance additives and base stocks are compatible with AD hydrocarbon gas streams and designed for an 8,000 hour service life ensuring minimum downtimes.

The Advantages of Manufacturing Cyclone GTG in the UK

Anaerobic Digestion Gas to Grid injection is the fastest growing market within the UK. Following in the footsteps of America and Germany, Cyclone GTG has overcome the challenges that were ahead in the supply, demand and the purchase of specialised lubricants for the Compression of CO2 Gas and Gas to Grid injection. We offer shortened lead times; a benefit overseas producers cannot offer. Our commitment is to supply only products which meet the maximum specifications laid down by the manufacturers of the equipment in which the product is to be used and to offer an unrivalled technical support. With today’s delivery networks and UK manufacturing we can supply you on demand at incredibly competitive prices.


Fluid check analysis is the complete fluid analysis programme for monitoring all types of fluid lubricated and insulating oil systems.

In all cases your machinery represents a significant investment by your company and it is so critical it remains operational at all times.

Failure of your machinery can result in loss of operation with associated costs running at times into thousands of pounds an hour.

Imagine if your business was suddenly unable to provide its services or product, consider the damage it could do to your business and your customers’ confidence in you to deliver on time or even at all…it must not happen – if it can be avoided! Our aim is to help you succeed in making the most of your machinery through reducing unplanned downtime, extending oil drains and detecting potential future failure before they happen!

What Is Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)?

Fluid check analysis achieves its aim to improve customers’ productivity and equipment reliability by a simple principle of condition-based monitoring (CBM). CBM is a market leading complete fluid analysis programme that will help identify any potential issues before they arrive. Imagine an oil sample for a compressor was taken every month for a year and all elements were measured.

This diagnosis will show a trend. Work can therefore be scheduled when the oil analysis identifies any problems avoiding any ultimate failures not merely because the compressor was due for its pre-scheduled maintenance slot which could have been weeks away.

  • CYCLONE GTG ISO VG 100 & 150 (Gas Grid)

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